1. Pickup documents*

2. Prepare documents for Imaging
  • Sort by folder, or requested order
  • Remove staples, paperclips, etc...
  • Photocopy exceptions/
    non-standard documents- i.e. large format, double-sided pages,
    photographs, x-rays, and maps*

3. Image documents
  • Main Folder for each box
  • PDF files for each folder within box
  •  All documents Optical Character Recognition
    (OCR) enabled

  • During scanning, a preliminary quality control (QC) process is performed as the scanning technician fine tunes settings and ensures there are no double feeds or missed pages.
  • After scanning, a thorough and rigorous QC process is performed. Each image is evaluated by a technician for readability, proper image orientation, blank page deletes, and other issues that may affect quality.
4. Deliver images on flash or
    portable hard-drive.

5. Shred by request* or return

*Documents are stored and scanned in a secure, controlled environment.